Your Part in the Reading


 Expectations & Being Open

You can’t help but have expectations of what you want from me and this process. I understand. If you really want to receive the best information for yourself or connect with a loved one, you have to be open. Leave any judgements out of this experience. Let it be.

I will try my hardest to facilitate a thorough spirit connection, and or, a valuable psychic reading. However, I have no control over what the Spirits, God and your loved ones want to do. I know they are excited for this contact and will try to deliver the message you need to hear, but nothing is exact.

After you book your reading start thinking about having an open heart for the process. Prepare yourself to receive information valuable to your well being. Welcome this idea without fear of judgement.


The Reading

The reading can be anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

Remember you are a large part of this reading.

I will go over this again when you book the appointment and answer any other questions you may have.

After the Reading

For the first couple of days you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you received. You will experience several “Ah-Ha” moments, and will understand fully the message given.  As time moves on you may begin to notice a clarity of sight that is new to you. This is what I call waking up to your life and intention here.

You may begin to see opportunities and possibilities to live your intended life.

You will have the opportunity to move into a new level of awareness.


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