The Time I Met Two Angels In Santa Monica


***While reading the following, you must realize, I didn’t know how exceptional the event was while it took place. I knew it was special and, “odd”, but it took days of reliving it, (and I couldn’t stop thinking of it), before I completely understood what happened.  It’s been 15 years and I still remember every detail of the day. I especially remember them. 

I had basically been kicked out of the hospital by a loving, strong-willed nurse. My 5-year-old daughter was undergoing tests, and had been so distraught they sedated her. The nurse told me I needed a walk, and to come back in an hour and half, not a second sooner unless she called me. I must have been driving them crazy. 

Having no option, I walked into the CA sunshine, where I quickly found myself seated by a beautiful fountain in Santa Monica. I stared into the water feeling heartbroken, wondering how to a live a life that included watching my daughter suffer, and the despair that brought. How could I make a world that was good for her, and our family? I had tangled with these exact thoughts for 3 years by then, and was getting nowhere. 

Eventually, wanting a distraction, I started people watching at everyone coming out of the mall. Right off,  I noticed a couple, probably in their mid fifties, both dressed very well and perfectly done up. They were walking towards the fountain area, whispering to each other and sort of nodding in my direction. It seemed as if they were looking for someone and had found them. At that point I didn’t consider that the someone was me.

I remember how their gorgeous reddish/blonde hair matched, and how it shined in the sunlight. (I wondered where they got it done, why it matched and what products they used.) They held hands and talked softly together as they made their way over to me. With a lovely familiarity, each sat down on one side of me, the woman on the right and the man on the left. 

As soon as they arrived I noticed a shift in my atmosphere. All the skateboarders and musicians who had previously been so loud, became still and muffled. The action around me dimmed, while my focus became heightened and narrowed to the three of us and the fountain.  It seemed perfectly normal and totally foreign all at the same time. Something inside me knew I was deep into the extraordinary, but while I tried to hold on to that idea, the couple made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, I let it go. I simply wasn’t allowed to analyze the situation, only experience it.

The man talked first. He said he remembered the days in his life where he thought it could get no worse. Then he laughed a little bit saying, anything is possible because sometimes things did get worse. That’s when his partner started to giggle under her breath and say, that’s for sure. They seemed to share some memory and smile.

She said when life brings you that far down its up to the individual to change the way they are looking at it. Because, it may not be life that’s all screwed up, but your brains perspective on the matter. I think I was actually going to object at this point, when she put her hand on my knee. 

We understand dear, really we do. I’m not saying this is an easy task, but one you might consider. In every day there is an upside. I swear, all you have to do is notice and give it thanks. To live in gratitude is to live in Grace, and that is a fine place to be. Plus, it will give you strength for the moments that bring such hardship on your soul. Don’t forget all of the positive that’s happening at this very moment.

That’s when I remembered my daughter. I thought she was lucky to have the right medicine and some great DR’s trying to help her. At that time she was being tested so her care could be better. 

Some more was said, but I’ll keep that for now. When they got up to leave, they both turned to me smiling, and he said, “She picked you because she knew you were strong enough to care for her, love her and try to keep it fun”.  That was the only time in our conversation they had gotten so specific to my situation. I just smiled and waved like it was any other day talking to strangers. 

I got up in a daze, walked back to the hospital arriving exactly an hour and a half later.



Miracles happen all of the time. I think we just need to start noticing!


  • What a wonderful message to wake up to. Thank you

  • Thank you Renee. I had a son in the hospital over 13years and around the clock nurses when he was home. I had similar experiences over those years. We are not alone in our challenges. Actually, I find these are the times I am closer to the mysteries. I have only gotten stronger and found more joy. Others don’t know how I do it – now they do.

  • Love you mama! Miss you a lot, it’s really quiet here right now. This too shall pass, right? xoxod

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