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Hello everyone!

I want to express my gratitude for all of my clients, new and old, and to the messengers who referred them. I really love what I do, and am honored to be given the gift of knowing each of you. Believe me when I say, it’s a two-way street. As I help you heal, I too experience the gift of healing. As I have said before, me without you, is a sad day indeed. I thank you for the opportunity to be welcomed into your lives with such open and loving arms. 

I see all of you.  You’re beautiful.

The love I feel for each of you is endless. 

Love and blessings,


Prayer Requests: Darcy, Denise, Marly, Kate, Karla, Jan, Chris, Ben, Camille, ZN, John, Larry, Lester, Isabelle, Rothko, Emma & JA

When thinking of these names, can you please pray that they each receive their hearts desires and that their dreams do come true. May the feel loved and cherished. Know that I pray this for you and all those you hold dear.

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  • Right back at you mama!!! Love you forever.

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