Testimonial by L. James

“I called Renée with a friends recommendation.  This friend was quite the skeptic, so I was amazed he had every spoken to a Psychic, but he said Renée was so direct and accurate, that he had turned into a skeptical believer.  She knew things  about my friends future that were not even possible at the time.  I was so intrigued that I called her to see if she could help me with my job hunting and planning of my future.  The first thing she told me was that I had changed my name, she said my name wasn’t right.  I had taken a little off the end years ago, and didn’t really consider it a big change, but she was right.  She then talked about my past, bringing up instances that needed to be addressed regarding my future.   Seriously, things even I didn’t remember until she reminded me.   It’s like she pointed out what I had best in me, reminding me of all the power I had to live this life.

Renée isn’t just a Psychic/Medium, which is a lot as is, she is a Psychic counselor.  Everything she told me came true.  Everything she told me to stay clear of I did, and noticed the change it made in my life.  I can’t say enough good things about her. Everything that happened in our first reading is hard to put down on paper. I know that my life has changed because of her, and I couldn’t be thankful enough.  I tell everyone I know who is struggling to see the direction in their lives to call her.  She “just knows”, as she always says.” 

~L.  James

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