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Angel Gabriel – “I am Love”

Note:  I take the dictation as I hear it, called automatic writing. I don’t like correcting or changing anything that is said or how it is worded. It sounds different I know, but just go with it. Hello! I’m Gabriel. You call me Angel and say I am in charge of many different things. In […]

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Day 13 – The Voice Within

Day 13   The Voice Within You know someone when you see them for the first time. In an instant your energy reads there’s and all that you need to know about getting closer or moving away is available. Most of the time we don’t listen to this information as we try to make them […]

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Stop Time ~ Speed of Light

It all goes by so fast. No matter how hard I try to relish the small moments, I can’t slow it all down. I try though. It occurred to me the other day how bombarded we are with the ridiculous. The constant attack of meaningless energy distracts us from the true joy we could be […]

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Angels Say….

Angels Say – Don’t try to escape yourself. Enjoy yourself as you are. Love your family for who they are, not who you want them to be. It’s best to see clearly all that surrounds you, including and mostly yourself. Then? Do your best.  Life ends up going faster than you’d like it to. By […]

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Paving the Way for Love

  Everyday, I continue to learn of the human being. Lately, the focus has been the drive in our instinct to excel. We can’t help but do this, and those being born today are wired to strive even further. They will bring love to our world, and change it in ways hard to imagine today.  […]

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