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Angel Ezekiel – Your Mission

Day 25 Angel Ezekiel Your Mission Angel Ezekiel- First, may I say, the relief I feel speaking with you on these pages is a miracle.  This is a place of both intimacy and wide spaces, reaching all we need to. Hello to you! Thank you for allowing me this communication. I am grateful the nudges […]

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Day 14 – Listening to the Heart’s Voice

Day 14 Spirit and Ego   I have written about the ability we have to uplift our life experience. I unfortunately used the word control, which originates from the ego’s need to manipulate fear, and that’s not the message I was going for. Controlling life is impossible. Even as I write that I hear my ego […]

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Day 12 – Spirit Guide Theo

My beloved Spirit Guide Theo Speaks Day 12 It is my great pleasure that you have found your way here. We can’t say this enough. Hello to you! We in this dimension know how hard you are working to assimilate these messages. Our delight is endless. Oh, how we have waited to communicate clearly our […]

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Day 11 – Why Am I a Light Worker?

Day 11 Why Am I a Light Worker? We can’t heal what we don’t know. How could my light shine on you without knowing what you suffer and then what made it better? When you are able to see another’s suffering and connect with them through your survival of it…..well, that is something.  I can hear you saying, […]

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