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Day 17 Money & Debt 2016

Day – 17  Debt Do not take out any major loans this year. I would not recommend purchasing a house you can’t afford or car you’ll need a high interest loan for. The more debt free you are, the better off you will be (in more ways than I can say).   You may want […]

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Hello Friends!

Hello Friends! Well, that horrid flu is finally over. Thank you for your kind words and patience. I hope you are well and enjoying the new energy surrounding us all. Despite the various infections and viruses sweeping through my household, I have sensed a feeling of being spiritually uplifted.  I remember writing about this new […]

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Day 15 – The Lightworker’s Dilemma

Day 15 The Lightworker’s Dilemma In general Lightworker’s do not feel comfortable on earth. You carry trauma from past lives and an innate feeling of being different. In many incarnations your lovely soul has been rejected and persecuted for its knowledge of spirit. Your mission in the last 4,000 years, has always been to enlighten and […]

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Day One

Day One It’s hard to ignore the struggle of “the old” energy on earth. War, mass shootings and crimes against another are actions of the desperate old ways. We are living through its last big fight to stay relevant and it’s being televised. The more we pay attention to it or let ourselves become fearful, […]

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Stop Time ~ Speed of Light

It all goes by so fast. No matter how hard I try to relish the small moments, I can’t slow it all down. I try though. It occurred to me the other day how bombarded we are with the ridiculous. The constant attack of meaningless energy distracts us from the true joy we could be […]

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