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Angel Gabriel – “I am Love”

Note:  I take the dictation as I hear it, called automatic writing. I don’t like correcting or changing anything that is said or how it is worded. It sounds different I know, but just go with it. Hello! I’m Gabriel. You call me Angel and say I am in charge of many different things. In […]

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Channeling Angel Michael

Day 22 Channeling Angel Michael      Please excuse the delay in posts. Something is up with WordPress my hosting site. Its been six months with the Angels, but it seems like forever. Actually, they probably have been with me that long, only now I am listening with more than my intuition. On that note….. Angel Michael: […]

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Angel Michael on Forgiveness & Regret

Day 21 Thoughts about Regret & Forgiveness Angel Michael –  All humans come to a point in there lives when they look back and feel regret, (if they are growing). This is a common and vital step in learning through experience. When one can truly see their past mistakes, and the consequences of them, an […]

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