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My Background

I was born psychic and had no idea I was different than anyone else.  As I became a teenager I realized that seeing the other side wasn’t common or believed. From then on I kept my views to myself until I got to the point of forgetting them completely.  

After the birth of my first daughter, my abilities came back full force making it impossible to ignore. From that day on I have been learning to understand and use them well.

I went to UCLA and received a degree in counseling. Between that and my experience after, it has helped me format messages in an understandable way. 

I want to help you learn that we are spiritual beings, living as humans and experiencing our lessons through that perspective. It’s a difficult thing for us to do and many times we falter. There is always hope and more help than you realize. When you awaken to your true state, an entire world of wonder and possibilities are discovered. This is the world I inhabit and draw from when working with others.



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"No human is ever final."