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Angels Say

Angels Say ~ This is the time of year which brings out the best and not the best in man. We see people reaching out to those with less and giving of themselves, (even if they don’t have much). How lovely this action is. Then the man who believes he is lacking, (although not really), […]

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Soul Transformation?

Everything we do in life, whether an opportunity taken or declined, is for learning. The greater the struggle the more important the lesson.  Imagine being a freshman signing up for your college classes. Sure you have your course of study, but then there are your electives, groups you may join, causes taken up, it’s a […]

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Hacker Poet?

hello!  I just woke up to some lovely poetry on my website. I am sorry to those of you who saw it. I don’t know how or why it got on there, but for now I have secured it.  Again my deepest apologies. Thank you,  Renee  

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No Fly Zone –

P Lots of questions coming in about the tragic events happening around the world.  Everyone wants to know why the violence continues and seemingly becomes worse. I narrowed your questions down to the following: Why is this happening? (Blunt and right on point.) Guess who comes immediately? Michael the spirit who used to be a […]

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Angels Say….

Angels Say – Don’t try to escape yourself. Enjoy yourself as you are. Love your family for who they are, not who you want them to be. It’s best to see clearly all that surrounds you, including and mostly yourself. Then? Do your best.  Life ends up going faster than you’d like it to. By […]

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The New World & Soul Evolution

I love my clients. As much as they thank me for my work, I am grateful to them for their inspiration. It keeps me learning with questions like the following. ***Is it the human in us alone that yearns to become more, or does the soul too feel compelled to always evolve?***** I ask Theo […]

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We Are Connected

In the 80’s Astronomer Carl Sagan began to explain his theory that everything in the Universe is made of the same particles.  The elements that once made a star, now live in each of us.  “We are a way for the universe to know itself. Some part of our being knows this is where we […]

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Paving the Way for Love

  Everyday, I continue to learn of the human being. Lately, the focus has been the drive in our instinct to excel. We can’t help but do this, and those being born today are wired to strive even further. They will bring love to our world, and change it in ways hard to imagine today.  […]

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Are “They” all connected? Spirit Guides, Angels & the rest? Divinity?

Well, I have had some serious writers block this month. No matter what I do, I can’t make it work. It’s either there or not. Ugh! Luckily, I had a great session with one of my all time favorite clients, and from it sparked a wonderful topic to write about. Thank-you S.L.F.!!  You know how […]

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The Final Stage

I met with the Council of 9 and asked them some things that had been on mind. My question: “Why do you care so much for the human? It seems like you love us without judgement or expectation. Why?” What they told was far more than I expected, since it also explained our soul’s destiny.  Before […]

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