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Day 12 – Spirit Guide Theo

My beloved Spirit Guide Theo Speaks Day 12 It is my great pleasure that you have found your way here. We can’t say this enough. Hello to you! We in this dimension know how hard you are working to assimilate these messages. Our delight is endless. Oh, how we have waited to communicate clearly our […]

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Day 11 – Why Am I a Light Worker?

Day 11 Why Am I a Light Worker? We can’t heal what we don’t know. How could my light shine on you without knowing what you suffer and then what made it better? When you are able to see another’s suffering and connect with them through your survival of it…..well, that is something.  I can hear you saying, […]

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Day 10 – An Invitation With Love

Day 10 An Invitation With Love I invite each of you to start communicating on the website. There is a comment area below each post where you can say whatever it is you would like. Others can then reply and write whatever they want in that same area. Sharing ideas, experiences and support for one […]

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Day 9 – How Did You Become Light?

Day 9 How Did You Become Light? When I listen to an Angel talk while typing I see a movie and pictures that go with the words. Yesterday I saw the many lifetimes we spent persecuted for our belief in a loving and peaceful Creator.  The more we tried to care for others and spread […]

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Day 8 – The Meaning of YOU

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Day 7 – Rest

Day 7 – Rest You may feel overwhelmed with some of the concepts on these pages. Also, the changes in energy over the last year, and now the increasing surge, its bound to make you feel drained. So please rest. While doing so, tune into Earth’s comforting rhythmic flow. The flow of ease. Like a […]

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By the Way ~ About Those Aliens

I forgot to include my final predictions about Aliens in the previous post. Even if the strange story is true, (and there feels to be some truth in it), nothing like that will happen. I don’t see anything resembling a take over. It’s weird to write about it. On a another note, the President is […]

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Day 6 – Predictions, Presidents & Aliens

Day 6 Several people contacted me about the predictions post, asking why I chose those particular topics. When I begin psychically seeking information there is no choice. I look for the strongest energy and follow it. It’s like skimming through a newspaper and finding the biggest and boldest headlines. Once I focus on a certain […]

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Day 5 – Dreaming

Day 5 Happy New Year Friends!!! I sense that  it’s a good idea to start working with your dreams. I tuned into this after I’d been experiencing a month of increasingly intense dreams. The other realm wants to communicate with us and uses all possible avenues to do so. With purposeful intent on our part, […]

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2016 General Predictions

 2016 Hello! Let’s do some fun psychic stuff by looking at next year. I ask what is important about 2016 that should be communicated. The first thing shown to me is the current financial structure. I hear it just like that……The Current Financial Structure. I get images of buildings crumbling and old ghost towns (like […]

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