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Day – 19 Time Travel

The Spirit exists outside of time and is able to travel through it. Day 19 Time Travel Your body may have to obey the idea of linear time but your spirit does not.  It’s capable of going forward and backward through all of your lives, changing outcomes for your benefit. Your spirit is free of […]

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Day 18 – Abundance

Day 18 Abundance Abundance is your birth right. God wants this for you. You were made to enjoy every bit of the world and all it has to offer.  Many feel guilty for wanting financial freedom, believing they don’t deserve to thrive. It is your feelings about money that creates it or not. You have to believe […]

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Day 17 Money & Debt 2016

Day – 17  Debt Do not take out any major loans this year. I would not recommend purchasing a house you can’t afford or car you’ll need a high interest loan for. The more debt free you are, the better off you will be (in more ways than I can say).   You may want […]

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Hello Friends!

Hello Friends! Well, that horrid flu is finally over. Thank you for your kind words and patience. I hope you are well and enjoying the new energy surrounding us all. Despite the various infections and viruses sweeping through my household, I have sensed a feeling of being spiritually uplifted.  I remember writing about this new […]

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Stalled by the Flu

      I was on a roll for a bit then got hijacked by the flu. I will continue our countdown next week, hopefully Monday. In the mean time if there are any specific topics you would have me cover please let me know. I do appreciate feedback and avenues of interest by my […]

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Day 16 – A Note From Death

Day 16  Death’s Perpective   I received this lovely message from a dear friend of mine. It came at the perfect time since I have the plague/flu and don’t feel up to writing. So thank you sweet friend, what is written below is quite extraordinary.  The Message Death is nothing at all. It does not […]

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Day 15 – The Lightworker’s Dilemma

Day 15 The Lightworker’s Dilemma In general Lightworker’s do not feel comfortable on earth. You carry trauma from past lives and an innate feeling of being different. In many incarnations your lovely soul has been rejected and persecuted for its knowledge of spirit. Your mission in the last 4,000 years, has always been to enlighten and […]

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Day 14 – Listening to the Heart’s Voice

Day 14 Spirit and Ego   I have written about the ability we have to uplift our life experience. I unfortunately used the word control, which originates from the ego’s need to manipulate fear, and that’s not the message I was going for. Controlling life is impossible. Even as I write that I hear my ego […]

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David Bowie

David Bowie   I have been sad since the news of David Bowie’s passing. He is one of my personal favorites for countless reasons, one being I could hear God in his voice.  For me it was his special light that reached beyond words making me feel the Grace within him.  In my early 20’s […]

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Day 13 – The Voice Within

Day 13   The Voice Within You know someone when you see them for the first time. In an instant your energy reads there’s and all that you need to know about getting closer or moving away is available. Most of the time we don’t listen to this information as we try to make them […]

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