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The New World Is Here

Day 24 Earth’s New Energy Shift I remember sensing Earth’s energy shift last year, but not knowing what the results would be. I could see the force was a positive one, capable of changing the world and all who inhabit it.  The exact details remained vague until January, 4 2016, the day I realized I […]

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Day 23 – Fear & Faith

Day 23 Fear & Faith “Fear drives more action than any other emotion, even love.” Angel Michael When you seek a spiritual life it’s not a one time decision that leads you down a straight path. There will be days of dark emotions and others where you are sure you have it all worked out. […]

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Dreaming Dreaming is our mind playing with the information it received during the day while free of boundaries. In this state there is no judgment, leaving us open to intuitive messages from our higher self. Our true nature, spirit, gets to express itself to our subconscious. This freedom can also open yourself to messages from […]

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To Be

Just being you is enough.  😎 ❤️

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Channeling Angel Michael

Day 22 Channeling Angel Michael      Please excuse the delay in posts. Something is up with WordPress my hosting site. Its been six months with the Angels, but it seems like forever. Actually, they probably have been with me that long, only now I am listening with more than my intuition. On that note….. Angel Michael: […]

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Angel Michael on Forgiveness & Regret

Day 21 Thoughts about Regret & Forgiveness Angel Michael –  All humans come to a point in there lives when they look back and feel regret, (if they are growing). This is a common and vital step in learning through experience. When one can truly see their past mistakes, and the consequences of them, an […]

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Day 20 – Your Beautiful Body

Day 20  Your Beautiful Body    Angel Ezekiel –    Many are taught to dislike how they look and wish they were “better”. These negative thoughts and emotions can harm the beautiful creation that’s you. Carefully look at these feelings and what triggered them in the first place. Finally, release it all, because everything about […]

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Day – 19 Time Travel

The Spirit exists outside of time and is able to travel through it. Day 19 Time Travel Your body may have to obey the idea of linear time but your spirit does not.  It’s capable of going forward and backward through all of your lives, changing outcomes for your benefit. Your spirit is free of […]

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Day 18 – Abundance

Day 18 Abundance Abundance is your birth right. God wants this for you. You were made to enjoy every bit of the world and all it has to offer.  Many feel guilty for wanting financial freedom, believing they don’t deserve to thrive. It is your feelings about money that creates it or not. You have to believe […]

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Day 17 Money & Debt 2016

Day – 17  Debt Do not take out any major loans this year. I would not recommend purchasing a house you can’t afford or car you’ll need a high interest loan for. The more debt free you are, the better off you will be (in more ways than I can say).   You may want […]

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