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It’s All Love

      While giving a Medium reading to a lovely woman, her first boyfriend’s spirit came to us. He and my client both felt a longing for the young love they shared. He talked of their time together, giving me precise images of the many moments they experienced. My client was touched he remembered […]

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Happy Mothers Day

  Happy Mothers Day friends!  I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted anything.  I have been so busy giving readings that I haven’t had any extra time! I do want to share a message I kept hearing during my readings last week. The same thing kept popping up for each client, “stay […]

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Know Yourself First, Then See What Needs Doing

Day 30 Know yourself first, then see what needs doing…… So, what are we to do with all of this information from spirit guides and Angels? It sounds good, we’d like to be the person who by changing ourselves changes the world, but what do we do? Learn what kind of energy you give to […]

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Spirit Guide Offers Help

Spirit Guide Theo Helps – Walk With Grace Day 29   My name is Theo. I am a spirit, and Renee’s guide. We have been together many lifetimes and in most she was a truth seer. Always, I am at her side assisting her with this matter. We in the spirit plane see this communication […]

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Gratitude for Life – Day 28

Day 28 Gratitude, Choosing Life I’ve written about crossing over when I was 16, but I doubt I’ve mentioned a very similar incident that happened a few years ago. I was in another car accident and suffered a brain injury that took quite a while to recover from. The following happened a day after I […]

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Angel Michael’s Story

    In modern-day you do not think your family tree is of any concern. Oh, how mistaken this notion is. You are the echoes of someone’s actions long ago and years from now another echo will be heard from what you do today.    Each moment matters, carrying far more significance than one could imagine. […]

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Sunday Skype is Out

  A small post to inform you that the group reading via computer/Skype is not working out at this time.  A Lot of people are interested and it’s a great idea, but I can’t find a simple way to do it. It’s a work in progress.  I will keep you posted. Thank-you, Renée

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Remember – Day 27

Day 27 Remember Today proved interesting. While sitting in the waiting room of my DR’s office, a woman came in, sat down next to me and started talking. Minutes later, as she was telling me some funny details about her senior prom 20 years earlier, her grandmother’s spirit appeared behind her. For a moment she […]

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Angel Michael – The Answers You Seek

Angel Michael –  I don’t have the perfect words that would allow you eternal peace. My answers are carved from my personal experience and wouldn’t truly help you at this time. Your own journey reveals what you seek and when it does, your understanding will be greater than anything another could give you.  Here are some […]

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Angel Ezekiel – Your Mission

Day 25 Angel Ezekiel Your Mission Angel Ezekiel- First, may I say, the relief I feel speaking with you on these pages is a miracle.  This is a place of both intimacy and wide spaces, reaching all we need to. Hello to you! Thank you for allowing me this communication. I am grateful the nudges […]

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