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Channeling Angel John

  Angel John- Hello to you!  I am so glad you are here with us reading these words.  When I talk of something specific to another person, can you look for the similarities to yourself?  I ask that you do this both here and other places where you find information. You are brothers and sisters […]

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Back to Work!!!

Hello everyone! I hope these words find you well! I’m happy to report my daughter is feeling better every day. Thank you all for your generous love and support. It mattered so much! I am officially back to work and starting to schedule new appointments for the upcoming week of 6/27/16. Yay! I Have a […]

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Great News!

A quick note to all who shared their love and strength last week. My daughter Sophie is finally feeling well and will be leaving the hospital today. It’s a miracle.  We are lucky and grateful to receive this special time of health and being together. Believe me, I realize that not every mother got to […]

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I Can Feel the Light of Your Prayers

  Thank you for sending my family and daughter prayers, positive energy and healing light.  I’ve actually been able to sense a strong presence of peace helping her and reassuring the rest of us. Once, a whisper in my ear, “It’s going to be ok Renee, do not fear.” Sophie is struggling but some things […]

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Prayers Needed

Your prayers are greatly needed!   Hello all!  My oldest daughter Sophie is quite sick and in the hospital.  I would be so grateful if you could take a moment to think positively and or pray for her to have good health.  Thank you for this and know that I pray you and your loved […]

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The Sense of You

You know how the Angels say the people reading these posts were nudged to do so? It’s true. You are meant to be here. It’s not an accident or random occurrence, but a beautiful intricate design. It hit me the other day, I write what the other side says to you, but I’ve never written how […]

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You are so much!

You are so much more than you know. Capable of great beauty, love, light and healing. Even if you don’t believe it, imagine it’s true. Allow it, if only for a moment. You will be amazed.

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The Spirits Are Here

I’ve had several instances in the last week of seeing spirits pop up right by their loved one, (who I happened to be standing next to). Not all care to talk, some just want me to know they are around, acknowledging me with their presence. Other spirits are very eager to communicate and start talking […]

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The Wiser You of the Future

  There is a future you who made it through the struggles you’re currently in, and is wiser for it. She doesn’t want you to feel so bad about everything and never ever wants you to feel hopeless. She knows how well you’ve grown surviving every hardship that once left you defeated. She looks back […]

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The Power Of Prayer

It was probably over 5 years ago this event happened. It was a day I still remember because I learned how powerful we can be together.  A TV news station reported an American passenger plane was in trouble. It had just radioed an SOS because the landing gear couldn’t  unlock. (No wheels to land the […]

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