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Testimonial by J. Bryant

“I had been searching for a medium after my boyfriend  passed over 10 years ago.  Luckily I got Renee’s name from a friend of mine who had been to a group reading lead by her.  She promised I wouldn’t be disappointed and I was far from it.  Renee’s accuracy is incredible and hard to believe.  […]

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Testimonial by L. James

“I called Renée with a friends recommendation.  This friend was quite the skeptic, so I was amazed he had every spoken to a Psychic, but he said Renée was so direct and accurate, that he had turned into a skeptical believer.  She knew things  about my friends future that were not even possible at the […]

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Testimonial by L. Dasone

“If you are in a lot of grief, or stuck in your life without the inspiration and clarity of direction, then Renee is the person you should call.  I have had several sessions with her over the last six years,  and have recommended her to everyone I know.   I can’t explain how she does it, […]

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