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Ash Trays, Gold Glass & Charades

 Genuine Medium Reading (condensed)   I was giving a very good friend of mine a reading. She lost her mother several years ago, and was excited to connect with her in this way. I reached her mother easily and established a good connection. Immediately she started showing me a scene from her life. It’s like […]

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Ghost vs Spirit

Question: What is the difference between a ghost and spirit?   I use the term GHOST when I am dealing with something potentially frightening or uninvited. Or perhaps a lingering someone who doesn’t know they are passed. I consider a spirit to be friendly and welcome.    

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Invisible Gifts

When we share our truest gifts they become real. So many walk through this world holding their talents close, because the ability to make it visible, is another gift entirely. If it can’t be shown and demonstrated, then it’s really only a unexpressed thought and desire. We all come here with something to present to […]

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A Holiday Gift

Happy Holidays!   I love this time of year, especially since I am a gifter. I LOVE presents. I love to give them, get them and even help others open them. I want to give you a gift. Purchase a reading between now and January 1, 2013, and I will send you a gift certificate […]

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Where is my puppy now?

Excellent Question to the many people who asked it.  Thank you!   I was at the Animal Shelter playing with the dogs trying to find one that I could foster. While waiting for an employee, I sat outside one of the pens that held the small dogs who yelped a lot and loudly. I would […]

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Dear God, Thank you, for everything! I love you. Renee

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What is the Soul’s Purpose?

Excellent question J.  Thank you!   Our spirits come to Earth to learn and then evolve.  As in all schools we are in different grades and in varying courses of study, but we are all learning. Before we are born, we spend time with our guides choosing the life that will teach us the most.  […]

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Questions Anyone?

*An Invitation* I invite anyone with a question to please send it to me via my contact page. I will use the blog area to post both the questions and the answers. If you want your information to be private, no problem. I will answer you without a post. I  sincerely look forward to hearing […]

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I Was Just Thinking……..

Peace Creators You have no idea how able your thoughts are.  How your thinking creates so much in this world.  Not just in ones own life, but in the whole world. If large populations are thinking negatively what is this creating? Be the person that doesn’t join in to what IS awful in the world.  […]

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Beautiful Human

 “WE ARE SPIRITS HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE”. I am sure that just about everyone has heard that quote at some point, but I have come to understand it as a truth.  When you talk to heaven you can’t believe anything else. In so many readings, one of the messages is, enjoy your humanity.  Feeling the […]

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