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Psychic Mom on the Case I have two children. Both girls. When I became aware of my abilities after the birth of my first daughter, I was directed to not use them on her. She needed a mother plain and simple. When dealing with my children I have continued to hold on to those directions. […]

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Theo Talks of our Freedom

Theo Talks of our Freedom Welcome to the world. Your home of freedom and opportunity. So much possibility for all of you. Yet so much forgotten. Its the free part. You have forgotten that. The problem lies within the mind. Trying desperately to catch up on catching up. Putting out fires from the past. Bills, […]

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White Light You Can Imagine

God has an infinite amount of healing energy, and we all have access to it. It is everywhere, it’s in us. Our love is created by this energy. Some of us just forgot about it. So here is the reminder of where it is, how to get it, and then how to use it. Close […]

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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I apologize for not writing for such a long time. For the past few weeks my family and I have been struggling with an awful flu. I am on the mend and will be back again. Thank you for your continued support! xxoo

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The Corned Beef Rueben VS The Mole

I have seen a couple of episodes of the Long Island Medium. What is not to love about her? My favorite thing is that she is so brave. Sure maybe its part of the show, but she will pretty much read anyone anywhere, no matter what the surrounding situation is.  Manicure? Beaching it with her […]

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Knowledge You Need to Have on Hand

    The greatest predictor of the future, is the past.

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Messages From Heaven : Once a bad Boyfriend, Always Bad!

Messages from Heaven Don’t follow the road that leads you to anguish. If it starts out with grief, it promises to continue delivering that and more as you go. So don’t, don’t go.  This is a clear message from God. He yells to you, “Hey, you are going the wrong way. I will show you how […]

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One Very Important Task – Theo Talks

A talk with Spirit Guide Theo – The buzz in the air is about changes coming. Can you feel it? Nothing to fear mind you. Your past has prepared you as a people for what the future wants of you. So many have heightened levels of thinking and awareness. These are the ones who will […]

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A Moment In Time

  We are all here struggling to become, and if we could see that in one another, even briefly, wouldn’t it all seem so peaceful? 

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Top 5 Things Said From Heaven

These are the top 5 things said to me from Heaven:   1) “I had no idea that my life had so much meaning. “ 2) “I am still alive, just in a different way. It is unbelievable.” 3) ” I love you so much. I wish I would have said that more.” 4) “I […]

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