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Marco + Yellow House = Love

Several years ago I gave a lovely young woman a reading. She was a referral from a friend of mine. I like working like this because when you first meet you already have some link with that person. I remember feeling an instant connection and friendliness for her. I knew right after we shook hands […]

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Spirit Communication for All

I am frequently asked how a spirit communicates with their loved ones who don’t have medium abilities. There are many ways, and all take patience and extreme awareness by you to see. First of all, you must believe that it is happening. That your Spirit is there and wanting to communicate with you. It is […]

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No One is Perfect

I know that some of the things that I have written on these pages sound impossible to achieve. They are written as a goal and ideal. Something to strive for and work towards. Just as in all things, practice does help us achieve what we want for ourselves. If you find yourself being harsh with […]

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Favorite Funny Comment

I gave a very good thorough reading to someone who asked me the following question at the end of it…. “How do I know you aren’t just reading my mind?” My response…. “I would say that may be even more impressive than what I really do.”

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What Heaven Says

I have had several readings over the last month. I wanted to share the most beautiful words I was fortunate enough to translate for my clients. These words were said by spirits from heaven. We are always connected. If you don’t feel it, please have the faith that you will. Remember our love. That loves […]

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Walk With GRACE – The Important Path

I asked Theo to make it simple for us. So many high ideals, yet how to attain them? I get a lot of feedback from people saying that it all sounds good….but how? How do we get to the place where we can live this way?  This was the answer for the day. If you […]

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Beams of Light from Heaven

The largest part of my job is giving medium readings. Connecting those who have passed with their loved ones who remain here. I have given hundreds if not thousands. Every one is special in its own way. I hear something new, and get glimpses into the heavens I didn’t know were possible. Each and every […]

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Psychic Mommy

Psychic Mom on the Case I have two children. Both girls. When I became aware of my abilities after the birth of my first daughter, I was directed to not use them on her. She needed a mother plain and simple. When dealing with my children I have continued to hold on to those directions. […]

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Theo Talks of our Freedom

Theo Talks of our Freedom Welcome to the world. Your home of freedom and opportunity. So much possibility for all of you. Yet so much forgotten. Its the free part. You have forgotten that. The problem lies within the mind. Trying desperately to catch up on catching up. Putting out fires from the past. Bills, […]

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White Light You Can Imagine

God has an infinite amount of healing energy, and we all have access to it. It is everywhere, it’s in us. Our love is created by this energy. Some of us just forgot about it. So here is the reminder of where it is, how to get it, and then how to use it. Close […]

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