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Good Questions!

Thank you for the insightful questions. I am currently working on the answer to a couple more and should post them within the next two days. Here is the answer for Mr. Anonymous who wants the bottom line of it all?   Q. What is the point of life? They say we come to earth […]

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Remember the Wonder

Bring it in to focus, then pay attention to it. Make it the priority. Remember! This time of the year, as we succumb to bionic shopping, family tensions & the hectic part of Christmas, it’s imperative to remember what is real. What has meaning. I was at my daughters preschool Christmas Show, watching the little ones […]

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Their Love is Real

I have been doing a lot of readings lately, and as usual they seem to have a running theme.  It’s about Love of course. I keep relaying messages to my clients, that their special spirits who have passed, still actively love them.  A spirit continues to check in on and monitor those that are still […]

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What a Spirit Said

I have been doing a lot of medium readings lately.  While connecting with the other side, I feel like I am witnessing magic. The most beautiful magic in the world. I am fascinated every time. On the other side of this lovely magic, is the heart ache my client is going through at the loss […]

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Message From Theo

A message from Theo: I put my hands on the keyboard, move my mind to the side and wait for the Theo to come and take my hands and type. I never know what the content will be. I do know that it will  better than what I could have thought of. I do this […]

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New Philosophy – Available for Urgent Messages

I was at the park yesterday and had my new philosophy in place………”available for urgent messages”.  I saw a young mother playing with her children and right behind her followed  her own mother, (in spirit). It was so pretty. Every where this woman would go her mother followed, sometimes patting her head or putting her […]

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Control Panel Turned on OFF

 I love Theresa Long Island Medium. I think she is brave and free with her abilities. I know she has a show to fill, and that may explain some of her random readings to pretty much anyone….but I bet we are getting a pretty good idea of how she lives in the world. I used […]

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Recognizing Your Guides “Step 3”

Make your Guide visible by identifying them as you would anyone in the physical world. Give them a HUMAN look. Ask your Guide for help with this exercise. What do you think your Guide looks like? The hair color, the sex, what are they wearing? Are they strong, kind, and have they been alive before? […]

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It's Not Time For Step 3


It is hard to be able to Recognize your Guides. I thought it better to be patient and work with Step 1 & 2 for a while. I hope that you are writing and remembering your past with the knowledge that you had a Guide with you. The believing and Faith is vital, nothing is […]

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Recognizing Your Guides – Step 2

I hope the people who are interested in the Guides bit, have started at least looking at their past for some clues. Remember the writing that I thought you should do? Keep at it. I don’t think it is something that comes in one night. What needs to happen is for you to get used […]

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