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Who do you Love?

We are sent here to love. Spiritually and genetically driven to seek it out for the continuation of ourselves, and for the feelings it brings. We come to find it with our spouses, sisters, parents and friends. If we are only a little bit lucky, we are most likely surrounded by it. So, here we […]

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Simply Change Your Mind

Sometimes things are just hard, your attempts for success bring nothing. You get completely shut down every time you try to find your way. I was giving a reading the other day (thank you S!), and could see that my client was in this very position. She had been looking for months to get a […]

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Robin Williams

I love to laugh, I mean really really love it.  Robin Williams.   I am so sad to see him go, especially how he left.

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We Exist to THRIVE

Do you ever feel like you are in a dream and can’t wake up? Just going through the paces of what you are supposed to do, pay the bills, get your kids to school on time, (maybe workout), and basically survive? Yes, there are things we must accomplish to live on this planet, but that […]

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Don’t Be Afraid

I did not want to frighten you with the post yesterday. My sincere apologies. I didn’t get the exact timing, but it is far away. That I can tell. I posted the future blog because I was specifically asked about it. I thought the timing of the question was interesting since I had been seeing […]

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What does our Future look like?

I am asked about the future quite frequently when giving someone a reading. It usually has something to do with money. Everyone is worried about their finances, the wealthiest stars in Beverly Hills ask about their future earnings hoping for continued success. Of course we worry for our futures, we want to know that we […]

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New Question from Julie!

Here is a great question from beautiful Julie. It’s tough to answer, as all great questions are!   Q. How do we learn to communicate with spirit so that we actually hear them clearly? A. The best way to go about this would be to follow an organized process, starting with the choice to communicate […]

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Good Questions!

Thank you for the insightful questions. I am currently working on the answer to a couple more and should post them within the next two days. Here is the answer for Mr. Anonymous who wants the bottom line of it all?   Q. What is the point of life? They say we come to earth […]

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Remember the Wonder

Bring it in to focus, then pay attention to it. Make it the priority. Remember! This time of the year, as we succumb to bionic shopping, family tensions & the hectic part of Christmas, it’s imperative to remember what is real. What has meaning. I was at my daughters preschool Christmas Show, watching the little ones […]

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Their Love is Real

I have been doing a lot of readings lately, and as usual they seem to have a running theme.  It’s about Love of course. I keep relaying messages to my clients, that their special spirits who have passed, still actively love them.  A spirit continues to check in on and monitor those that are still […]

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