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Halloween 1998 – A True Ghost Story

October 31, 1998 I remember my daughter had been up a lot, and as usual I did not sleep much. It was probably 4 or 5 in the morning that I gave up on trying to go back to bed, when I remembered the show from the day before. The medium was in it, and […]

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The Day Before Halloween 1998

OCTOBER 30, 1998 Typical day in my life as a new mom to an eight month old daughter. I was still pretty delirious with fatigue because she hadn’t slept since she was born. We would eventually discover her illness, but that’s a long ways a way from this day in 1998. We had the rocking […]

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WE – The Spirit Perspective

These were things said to me by spirit when I asked for their guidance when writing this blog.  WE are spirit talking with you.  We have always been in your here and now, with each of you, trying to get your attention to help you on your way of the highest good.  We are a […]

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This Is What You Want To Know

I am sure God has his hand on many as they type away this morning, I hope he is with mine. I ask him to be. What else is this for but to communicate Him?  So I ask, what do you want me to write? What do we need to know? Here are my fingers […]

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Who Is Running The Show?

I was giving a reading the other day to someone with the last name,(for example), Smith. It was one of those readings that I love, where everything sort of fits, and you can see how life is so much bigger than we realize. During it, a Father message kept coming from someone who didn’t belong […]

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What a New Spirit Said – Good- Bye S!

A very kind friend recently passed from a long battle with breast cancer. Days before she became too ill, she told me about her fears of crossing over, asking if it was possible to get lost or go the wrong way. (Knowing that she felt this made me so sad.) I told her that every spirit […]

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Think about all of the times in your life that you felt your struggle was too hard. You may have thought you wouldn’t ever get over it, or be happy again. Now think about how you recovered each and every time. Yes, the experiences have changed you, the recovery more so.   Do you realize […]

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Kindergarten Spirit Guides

I am talking about the real Kindergarten, with 5-year-old children, first time out in the world people.  I have noticed that each of them has a little ball of light that hovers either above their heads or right over their hearts. When I first saw it I thought it had something to do with a […]

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The Energy We Create-Message from Theo

We are spirits. Hello! We want you to understand that you are connected to each other, together as all of the cells of your body make it whole. We are connected to each other, as to you, as all. We are all one.  Let’s start small saying that the whole is your family. You may understand […]

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She Got the Job

Congratulations S!! You got the job! Yippee! As promised I am writing the news here informing the universe of your great success!! You are wonderful and brave! I am so happy for you! If you have no idea what I am talking about please see blog titled “Simply Change your Mind”. If you don’t have […]

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