Psychic Medium

Who are They?

Having an experience on earth is so much easier to describe, because we have the words for it. Does it make sense that I was some place that is outside of our descriptive language? Learning concepts all at once that are beyond the words we use? This is where I write from. Bare with me. […]

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Council Meeting in Heaven

 During a meditation the other day, I was pulled to a place unfamiliar, since an angel held my hand I went. I ended up somewhere beyond description, with 9 extremely enlightened beings. I thought I was some where in heaven, but the “where” was unimportant to them. What they wanted to communicate was the important […]

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The Young Don’t See Their Death

I was at my friend’s house the other day. Her daughter is the same age as my oldest, Juniors in Highschool. Anyway, this darling daughter, (who we will call M), has a new boyfriend. A really nice guy. A good one. I saw them together that day and could see how much they cared for […]

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It Feels Like Magic

After posting the Halloween Story, several people asked if I followed the career of  Rosemary Althea. Not really, I don’t follow anyone in the field specifically. If I hear of a good book by a Spiritual Medium or Healer, I will read it. However, this did prompt me to look through her website and read […]

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Halloween 1998 – A True Ghost Story

October 31, 1998 I remember my daughter had been up a lot, and as usual I did not sleep much. It was probably 4 or 5 in the morning that I gave up on trying to go back to bed, when I remembered the show from the day before. The medium was in it, and […]

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The Day Before Halloween 1998

OCTOBER 30, 1998 Typical day in my life as a new mom to an eight month old daughter. I was still pretty delirious with fatigue because she hadn’t slept since she was born. We would eventually discover her illness, but that’s a long ways a way from this day in 1998. We had the rocking […]

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WE – The Spirit Perspective

These were things said to me by spirit when I asked for their guidance when writing this blog.  WE are spirit talking with you.  We have always been in your here and now, with each of you, trying to get your attention to help you on your way of the highest good.  We are a […]

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This Is What You Want To Know

I am sure God has his hand on many as they type away this morning, I hope he is with mine. I ask him to be. What else is this for but to communicate Him?  So I ask, what do you want me to write? What do we need to know? Here are my fingers […]

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Who Is Running The Show?

I was giving a reading the other day to someone with the last name,(for example), Smith. It was one of those readings that I love, where everything sort of fits, and you can see how life is so much bigger than we realize. During it, a Father message kept coming from someone who didn’t belong […]

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What a New Spirit Said – Good- Bye S!

A very kind friend recently passed from a long battle with breast cancer. Days before she became too ill, she told me about her fears of crossing over, asking if it was possible to get lost or go the wrong way. (Knowing that she felt this made me so sad.) I told her that every spirit […]

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