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The Little Things


It is the little things that I try to pay attention to during the day. I know that all of these moments matter, and I want to remember them. Now, when I look back on my life it is the smallest of things that come to me, making me laugh and filling my heart. I […]

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When I feel grateful, I am optimistic, energized, clear and aware. When my emotions are based in gratitude, I know my decisions and work will be good.  An ideal spring-board.  How are you to get there when stressed and bogged down with worry, as so many are these days?  Well, it’s actually fairly simple. You […]

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Ouija Boards-Warning!!!!!!

I am often asked about the Ouija Board. No matter how I look at it, as a game or instrument,  I don’t get a good feeling. I realize that many kids play this game innocently, but the energy attached from the other side is anything but. Once an energy does come through, it’s very difficult […]

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It’s while we are doing that we learn, and we so deeply want to learn love. The love of romance, family, friendship and self. Love is a verb, so get into action and live with the intent to love deeply! 

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Soul’s Path

As soon as we are born, our past lives, time in heaven, and knowledge of our current mission, slowly fade from memory. If you talk to children ages 2-7, some have very clear memories of their before, and are consciously aware of spirits and angels. The adults in their lives assume it’s all imagination or […]

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Our Soul Number

Back to the 9 enlightened beings of The Council. They told me many things that I continue to decipher into understandable English. For now what stands out is their concept of Soul Numbers. It was explained that we come to each of our lives with a specific number ranging from 1-7.  The number we have […]

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Who are They?

Having an experience on earth is so much easier to describe, because we have the words for it. Does it make sense that I was some place that is outside of our descriptive language? Learning concepts all at once that are beyond the words we use? This is where I write from. Bare with me. […]

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Council Meeting in Heaven

 During a meditation the other day, I was pulled to a place unfamiliar, since an angel held my hand I went. I ended up somewhere beyond description, with 9 extremely enlightened beings. I thought I was some where in heaven, but the “where” was unimportant to them. What they wanted to communicate was the important […]

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The Young Don’t See Their Death

I was at my friend’s house the other day. Her daughter is the same age as my oldest, Juniors in Highschool. Anyway, this darling daughter, (who we will call M), has a new boyfriend. A really nice guy. A good one. I saw them together that day and could see how much they cared for […]

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It Feels Like Magic

After posting the Halloween Story, several people asked if I followed the career of  Rosemary Althea. Not really, I don’t follow anyone in the field specifically. If I hear of a good book by a Spiritual Medium or Healer, I will read it. However, this did prompt me to look through her website and read […]

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