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The Choice of Heaven


When I was 13 I was in a car accident. My head hit the dashboard, fracturing my face and skull, and injuring my brain.  For years after, I went through many surgeries to repair what the fractures and scars had done to my face.  An awful thing to go through, yes.  Extraordinary as well. As […]

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A Hospital, Angel and Lost Soul

I was looking for a Dr’s office, some place I had never been before. This particular DR has his office right in the hospital, but in a different wing. Sounds easy, but it wasn’t, and I got so lost, and so late, that at one point I practically cried on the information guy sitting at […]

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Christmas again!


My infamous Christmas special to all of my wonderful clients. Starting on Black Friday when you purchase a reading for the regular price you will receive a 30 minute reading for free. Give it as a gift or use it for yourself! Have fun. I love giving these gift readings. People really have a ball […]

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The Great Divide-Council of 9

During my readings lately a particular message continues to be brought up by the spirits. It was also a topic discussed by the Council of 9, that has to do with a person’s choice of allegiances. Will you walk with Grace and be member of the good? Or will you live with your blinders on […]

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The Little Things


It is the little things that I try to pay attention to during the day. I know that all of these moments matter, and I want to remember them. Now, when I look back on my life it is the smallest of things that come to me, making me laugh and filling my heart. I […]

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When I feel grateful, I am optimistic, energized, clear and aware. When my emotions are based in gratitude, I know my decisions and work will be good.  An ideal spring-board.  How are you to get there when stressed and bogged down with worry, as so many are these days?  Well, it’s actually fairly simple. You […]

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Ouija Boards-Warning!!!!!!

I am often asked about the Ouija Board. No matter how I look at it, as a game or instrument,  I don’t get a good feeling. I realize that many kids play this game innocently, but the energy attached from the other side is anything but. Once an energy does come through, it’s very difficult […]

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It’s while we are doing that we learn, and we so deeply want to learn love. The love of romance, family, friendship and self. Love is a verb, so get into action and live with the intent to love deeply! 

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Soul’s Path

As soon as we are born, our past lives, time in heaven, and knowledge of our current mission, slowly fade from memory. If you talk to children ages 2-7, some have very clear memories of their before, and are consciously aware of spirits and angels. The adults in their lives assume it’s all imagination or […]

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Our Soul Number

Back to the 9 enlightened beings of The Council. They told me many things that I continue to decipher into understandable English. For now what stands out is their concept of Soul Numbers. It was explained that we come to each of our lives with a specific number ranging from 1-7.  The number we have […]

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