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Coins from Heaven

I found this beautiful quarter in my garden, way down in the dirt, as I was raking. As you can see, it’s not your everyday coin, it is a State coin of New Hampshire. You can’t tell with these pictures although I really tried, but on the back of the quarter is a beautiful mountain […]

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    I just finished giving one of my favorite long time clients a reading. Hi J! xoxo During it, she told me of an experience she had the other day after reading my blog about Spirit Guides leaving feathers around to prove of their existence. She said right after reading it, she planned on […]

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Spirit Guides & Feathers

I posted a while ago about an interesting thing happening to me regarding feathers. It was all about a fun coincidence and the different ways a Spirit Guide will use to prove that they are around. Well, it happened again.  I was giving a reading to a dear friend of mine whose name has graced […]

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The Ones Who Came Before

I have always been curious about how the people who significantly shaped America would feel if they were able to see it today? What would they say? Would they be impressed with our times, or shocked? So I ask. The leaders from the 1950’s & 60’s jumped out at me initially, they are very loud […]

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Home Energy Clearing and Cleanse

Happy New Year!!! I am back to work and looking forward to a wonderful year. If I can help you in any way with these abilities, please call. I am extending the special of buy one reading and get a free 30 minute reading to give as a gift, or keep for yourself. It was […]

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The Meaning Of Our Lives

  I have done a lot of readings over the holiday, with many wanting to connect with their spirit guides. I am now going to offer that in every reading I do. I will help you find out who your guide is, put a face and personality to them, then help you learn to communicate […]

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Holiday Spirit

Happy Holidays everyone! I have been too busy with festivities to do much writing here, but will get back to it after the holidays.  I wanted to give you some messages that have been coming my way from the spirits I see through my days.  They are out a lot right now, or maybe I […]

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Foster Puppies Star & Sunny

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Holiday and Such

Hello all! I want to remind you of the Christmas/Holiday special I have for you. Buy a one hour reading for the usual price and receive a free 30 minute reading to give to a friend, family member or keep for yourself. I have a really cute gift certificate that I can email you so […]

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The Choice of Heaven


When I was 13 I was in a car accident. My head hit the dashboard, fracturing my face and skull, and injuring my brain.  For years after, I went through many surgeries to repair what the fractures and scars had done to my face.  An awful thing to go through, yes.  Extraordinary as well. As […]

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