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Computer and Phone Trauma

Hi everyone! Well, not only has my phone decided to stop working, my computer is going back and forth as well. I never know what day what function will work. It is really fun! Great for business too! Things should be fine within a couple of days. If you need to leave me a message regarding the […]

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The Heart Beat of the Soul

When my girls were babies I would lay their naked little bodies on my chest, heart to heart, the beats combining, bonding our souls for life. In my beat were the words; I love you beyond speech, I know you, I feel you, and God, I promise, I will take care of you forever. Thank […]

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Citrine Results!!!!!

Remember that I put two small gem stones of citrine in the coin area of my wallet? Citrine has been used forever for health, well being and positive abundance, so I    figured why not.  Right away funny things started happening. I kept finding $20.00 bills in my pockets, laundry, jewelry drawer, sitting in  junk […]

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Magic to Bring Positive Wealth

I don’t have any great magic tricks, nor do I practice any type witch craft. I don’t know much about this area at all. I do make jewelry and know about the power of gemstones though. I have done some limited research on what type of energy a gem can evoke when it is worn. I […]

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Your Intention, Thought and Reality

Hello friends. I hope all is going well, and that you are living what you intend. Even better, that you are aware of  what your intention is. Intend: that has got to be the word for the year since I see it everywhere, and notice books about it as well. Here is the real live […]

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The Little Girl

You may recall a post regarding me seeing a spirit girl getting ready to leave for heaven. She was standing outside of her hospital room waiting for her sister to come, so they could say good-bye before she left. I remember she kept holding on to an angel charm that hung from her necklace, a […]

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The Evidence

I have posted on these pages all about our spirit guides and ways to communicate with them. I have also suggested ways for them to let you know of their existence and daily presence. During my recent readings, I have been doing,”Getting to Know Your Spirit Guide” as the final cap on the session. Its […]

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Coins from Heaven

I found this beautiful quarter in my garden, way down in the dirt, as I was raking. As you can see, it’s not your everyday coin, it is a State coin of New Hampshire. You can’t tell with these pictures although I really tried, but on the back of the quarter is a beautiful mountain […]

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    I just finished giving one of my favorite long time clients a reading. Hi J! xoxo During it, she told me of an experience she had the other day after reading my blog about Spirit Guides leaving feathers around to prove of their existence. She said right after reading it, she planned on […]

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Spirit Guides & Feathers

I posted a while ago about an interesting thing happening to me regarding feathers. It was all about a fun coincidence and the different ways a Spirit Guide will use to prove that they are around. Well, it happened again.  I was giving a reading to a dear friend of mine whose name has graced […]

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