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Simple Tools for Spiritual Strength

There are so many things we can have around us or seek out that support our strength of spirit. It’s difficult to incorporate every little thing we know to be of benefit. Sometimes its forgotten all together. Luckily, I have found a couple of things that do so much more for us than the effort […]

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Ghosts and The Reasons We Struggle

Remember the ghost I had in my house? (See previous post with Ghost in the title.) The woman, (ghost), kept circling my daughter’s bedroom, looking for her baby. Well, the day after I wrote about her here, I didn’t see her. I waited a couple of days just to make sure, but she was finally gone. This […]

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In Spirit it’s Perfect

In many of the readings I gave last month, the topic/question of why someone would have to live a hard life came up. Several people wondered why a person would be born with difficulties that made a peaceful and happy life almost impossible. Some said they felt punished, and wondered what kind of person they […]

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God’s Voice

I saw the movie Selma the other night. It’s a film about the great man, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., during a very disturbing time in our history. There are many scenes in the movie that I continue to think about, but one in particular, due to it’s simple beauty in all of the sadness. It’s […]

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Good News-Something Is Happening!!!!!!

Those wise beings, Council of 9,  in charge of the human condition usually seem a bit dour about our plight.  I know they love us and see our “condition” as you would  a toddler having a temper tantrum, tricky, but can’t be helped……it’s a toddler!!!   They say there is no judgement, only love, and […]

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The Ghost in My House

When one thinks of a Ghost dwelling within their home, terror and unpleasant feelings are sure to come to mind. Yes, I have felt those very things myself with certain unexpected visitors, and do whatever I can to eliminate the possibility of recurring visits. I could tell stories for days about the uninvited spirits coming […]

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Traveling to the Future, 2085

Remember the  “Council of 9”, as I refer to them? We are still in touch, and I continue learning whatever they graciously offer to teach.  Recently, they suggested that I go into the future to find the insights I so often look for in the past. I go through time for a specific purpose, a […]

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Reincarnation-From the Mouths of Children

While giving my 6-year-old daughter a bath today, she questioned me about past lives. How many times have we been alive? What do we do this for? Are we always together? Will we be together again? Is God a man or Woman? (Thought I would put that last one in there for fun.) As she […]

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The Question of the Affair

I would say that at least three times a month I am asked the dreaded affair question. Is he? Is she? How many? Who is it?????? It takes about five minutes into the reading, when I sense the question looming in my client’s mind. We can be talking about anything, absolutely nothing to do with […]

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Psychic Vibe

We are here for love, becoming the best of ourselves, to live, love, accept and comfort, without expectation of the same. Look for opportunities to become more, greater than you thought possible, and reach for it. 

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