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Talking with Angels

Taking Dictation From the Other Side When writing a post that says “From Spirit”, or “The Council of 9′ , I put my personality as far away as possible then take dictation of what I hear from them. You think I have a grammar and run on sentence problem???  After the post is completed I […]

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Angels Talk of Spiritual Evolution 2015

From Spirit and Angels Such an exciting time to be alive on your planet. When Earth’s energy shifts it forces life to shift with it. You are evolving at a rate slow enough to see and large enough to experience. Humans haven’t made such massive strides since the early 1900’s, a time when your bodies […]

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New Options for a Reading

I want to make it easy for people to get in touch with me. Maybe you don’t need a whole hour for a reading, or only have a question or two that you’d like to run by me. I have revised my reading options to include email, and shorter reading times. See the following menu […]

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From the Council of 9

I asked the Council of 9 to write anything they wanted, this is from them: Hello, we appreciate this opportunity to communicate with you. We work as a type of guide for your personal guides. We have a very specific system to love and honor you. We think you would be very surprised at how […]

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Penny for Your Thoughts

Our brains are going a mile a minute, constantly digesting the information it’s given to further comprehend. What you think causes  a correlating energy response. If you are wondering about a possible doomsday, you will obviously become fearful or upset, creating fear based “negative” energy. If you don’t pay attention to your thoughts, your brain is driving around […]

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Prayer Requests

I forgot to put this into my prior post, and it’s already out there, so, one cool saying…. “It’s not what is happening that matters,  it’s how you look at it” & Prayer requests: Mary, Will, “D”, Shirley, Helen, and “L”, Can you please pray for them to feel God’s love and strength during difficult […]

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Armegeddon in September?

I have been questioned about the rumors of something horrible happening to our world this fall, most likely in September. Here we go again. I will tell you why it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction. One, because most likely there is a day in the future where some chaotic event will affect our country […]

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Simple Tools for Spiritual Strength

There are so many things we can have around us or seek out that support our strength of spirit. It’s difficult to incorporate every little thing we know to be of benefit. Sometimes its forgotten all together. Luckily, I have found a couple of things that do so much more for us than the effort […]

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Ghosts and The Reasons We Struggle

Remember the ghost I had in my house? (See previous post with Ghost in the title.) The woman, (ghost), kept circling my daughter’s bedroom, looking for her baby. Well, the day after I wrote about her here, I didn’t see her. I waited a couple of days just to make sure, but she was finally gone. This […]

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In Spirit it’s Perfect

In many of the readings I gave last month, the topic/question of why someone would have to live a hard life came up. Several people wondered why a person would be born with difficulties that made a peaceful and happy life almost impossible. Some said they felt punished, and wondered what kind of person they […]

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