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The Truth Wasn’t Right

I was giving a reading to a woman going through a very hard time in her life. She had just discovered her husband of many years had been cheating on her. She loved him deeply, stating that he was her rock, her very best friend. Shocked and heart-broken I could see what she needed most […]

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Tools for Spirit Communication

Many ideas have been put before you in these pages. Most seek your awareness of what the Angels and Spirits are saying. They want you to be able to distinguish their voices so you may understand them. Finally they want you to pass along the messages you learn to those put in your path. I […]

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Angel Ezekiel “Strength of God”

I will continue to relay Angel messages until I am told otherwise. Since I have the ability to messenger for them, it’s criminal to ignore what they ask of me. I have seen how loved those of you directed to these pages are. The Angels want to talk with you to help you on your […]

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Listening Through the Doorway

This is how it works for me. I have so many things I would like to write, or experiences to share, but I must choose the open door instead of banging my head on the closed ones. Recently, listening to the Angels and translating their messages, has been my open door. I am grateful beyond […]

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Angels Use Computers

I have tried to write about other things, like a cool psychic reading story I did. Guess what? I can’t. It simply won’t work. I get mind blocked and completely stopped from doing anything but listening to Angels. Not bad really. It’s a miracle actually, and I should take this opportunity to listen and write […]

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September’s Angels

What a strange month this has been. Since the events of 9/11, September will forever express the traumatic foot print left behind.  The energy has been very extreme, causing a lot of people to feel off-balance and unusually emotional. Wether you realize it or not, everything is sensitive to fluctuations in the energy surrounding it. […]

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Our Amazing Ability

Between the readings I have given lately, and my own work, one message keeps being repeated. We have control over our lives. It’s in our intention, focus, thinking, feeling, it’s in everything we are. To control what happens in our life, we must control ourselves.  Since I am big on turning my will and life […]

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Forgiveness Brings Happy

  We were meant to be happy. Look at little kids, happiness is pretty much their baseline of emotion. Sure they experience anger and fear, but those seem to be bursts of feeling not states of being. So we start out happy, which is a great idea, because it allows for our best chance at survival. […]

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Do Angels Live Among Us?

  I was sent a question for the Angels, “Do they ever live as people interacting with us like normal humans”? I try to single out my favorite Angel Ezekiel, but another comes to me. This Angel tells me that he/she is an expert communicator, and is in charge of this topic. From Angels……. Yes, absolutely, although […]

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Angels Tell Us Who They Are

This is the first time that I have separated out the personalities of an Angel. Ever since I took dictation from them, they haven’t stopped talking. They are communicators who love to talk and are happy to be heard. The energy emitted from them is quite unique, very different from a Spirit Guide or a being […]

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