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National Kindness Day

National Kindness Day  Who knew? I love it!  So, after hearing about it, I googled “Kindness Day”, and found a website named, “”. I copy and pasted their blog post about today. How cool is it that this site exists?  After I am finished here, I am going right back there to explore further. I […]

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Message from a Reader- Our Struggles!

Hello!  I hope that you are all well. Has anyone noticed the change of energy on the planet? Does it feel difficult to stay grounded, and not dreamy? I have been very busy with work and mom duties. As usual, all of my readings in the last month have followed a certain theme. One of […]

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Your Soul’s Voice – God’s Compass

How are you all doing listening to your own spirit? Have you found its voice yet? Once you can distinguish it, the easier next time will be and so forth. It’s a matter of practice and building a strong bond with that part of yourself. Your spirit is not sad or depressed. It may feel […]

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What An Experience This Has Been

If you are familiar with my story at all you will know that on Halloween day, 1998, some spirits came to me, (wouldn’t leave), and I learned how to control my abilities. Since that very morning it’s been a continuous learning experience. Everyday I  am shown something new about my abilities and the vast universe […]

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Beautiful Human

  I have given readings to people wanting to skip their human existence and any work involved in caring for that part of themselves. They want to completely move on to Spirit, letting all else go. It’s not that they are suicidal, they are simply exhausted being a part of the human race.  Remember our […]

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I have been asked to give a general reading about money and our economic future. Since so many have asked, sure I would be happy to. Just realize that a general reading can only be seen from this moment. I look for the highest energy frequency time line. Some things can change. As I have […]

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An Invitation for You

I want to invite you to write me about your experiences with your Angels and Spiritual growth.  Actually you are invited to write me about anything. Since you each have been directed to this site, and have hopefully embraced some of the messages, I thought it a good idea to share. I would then post what […]

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Ghosts, October, Be Careful

It’s October. For some reason this is the month where the veil that divides the spiritual realm from the human, lifts. On October 31st, 1998 I found the control panel of my abilities. I don’t think it’s a coincidence….well, nothing is right? This October “SPIRIT” energy has been felt for a long time, hundreds of […]

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Angels, For You

Well, they have me this morning. What could be a greater gift than direct contact with Angels? I want you to know that as I write what they say, I have no idea what will come next. I am as surprised as you when I read what I write here. Like my work as a psychic […]

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Before writing a post, I think a lot about what message needs to be shared. I may do a few chores around the house or in my garden until I feel “inspired”. This morning I kept thinking about Angels. I wondered if they would hijack my brain to convey a message they wanted written. I […]

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