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Angel Michael:

Hello friends. My typist is tiered tonight so I will be brief. I want to reach out again to remind you of my awareness of the human nature at this time. When I speak of my abilities and awareness, I am referring to those who created me and were created from me. There is a collective us that you often refer to as the Angels, Gods, Source, Universal Energy, Jesus, Buddha, etc. Call us what you will, we are happy you seek our counsel and love. Oh, we have so much to give, it’s overflowing unto you. Our guidance whispered into your hearts and minds through all ways possible. These pages are one way and we are grateful for your attention here. Enough about “us”, now. We want to speak about you, the collective you.

It’s difficult to be heard these years. Every year it becomes worse. So much loud noise on your TV, computer, streets. So many shouting and doing extreme actions to get your attention. Once it has been captured you are given nothing but fear and emptiness, but your adrenaline is being used to seek out more of the same. This is why your news channels have the running tape on the bottom of the screen. Not for whats happening now, but what could happen soon! You are kept in a state of high alert in constant combat with your flight or fight program. 

You are intentionally being distracted and willingly allowing the flood of more. Ask yourselves why you would need to be so distracted? If this is intentional, and it is, why is the distraction more interesting to you than whats being hidden? 

The easiest step to take is not to care or get overwhelmed by the possibilities. We hear, “let someone else deal with it, I don’t know whats going on”, more often than we think is beneficial. Each of you are that someone the world needs. You are the light and seekers of truth. Remember? The truest definition of your souls way would be, light giver and seeker. You shine to heal. You are alive to change dark into light and hopelessness into  truth and happiness. 

Let yourself truly be. Remember. You’ll need to messenger and share with one another. There are so many awaiting to assist you in human and spirit form. Start talking out loud and do not be afraid to share your truest thoughts. That’s how you’ll find one another. We love you!

With light and love,



Prayer List: G&N, L&K, Jimmy, Carlos, Leah & family, Leslie, Joanne, Mercene,  Bruce, Valdivia, Joan, Joseph, Alex, Judy, Denise, Jane & Gayle. Could you please pray that all of these people feel the overflowing love from above? That the Angels and God let themselves be known to them and their health and spirited lifted? That they see the joy of our world and find it fun, vital and endless. Thank you so much. Know I pray this for you and your loved ones as well. 

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