The Last Full Moon of the Year – Fun Excercise


Tonight, December 4, 2017, we will be able to see the brightest and last full moon of the year. In many cultures both old and new, this special night is set aside for spiritual progress.  I’ve researched the ways people use this moon and found the simplest to accomplish what others do by howling in the woods naked. However, if the latter sounds like your cup of tea, go for it.

What we want to do tonight is make a list of all the things that didn’t work for us last year. Like cleaning out your closet and junk drawers, you must also clean out the emotional and mental ways of functioning that aren’t working.  Think of anything that hinders your progress to living your best life. Be thorough and honest, knowing that you are ready to let go of patterns that no longer serve your highest purpose.

An example: I’m going to write that last year I didn’t spend enough time exploring my new city and having fun with friends and family. Laughing and exploring are two of my all time favorite things. We need to do our favorite things!!!!

The next thing to do is write a list of what you want next year to be like. Or rather what you’d like to be next year. What are your intentions? Are their new ways you’d like to start living? What can you do to truly live your purpose? Write whatever comes to you, believing you are capable of manifesting all that you wish for.

When you’re done with both lists, go outside and find a spot where you can see the moon best. Take your first list and read it out loud. Pray for the strength to let everything on that list go. Tell the moon and universe that you’ve learned the lessons and you’re ready to move on. Be firm. Burn that list.

Take next years list and yell that out to the moon and universe. Again be firm, you’re in the midst of manifesting your future. Thank the moon and universe for its help on your new path and express gratitude for another opportunity to choose who you really are.

Bring next years list inside and put it in a large empty jar. For the next year, every time you experience something unexpected, delightful, peaceful, hilarious ………….basically anything that’s good, you will write it down and put it into the same jar.

At next years last moon, you will go through this jar, reading everything wonderful moment that happened, until you get to your list. Is what you wrote on that list responsible for all the notes in that jar?

Good Luck & Love to all! 


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