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I have gotten a lot of feedback from my post yesterday. Thank you everyone for reading it, and spending the time to comment as well. One person wished they could experience living my life. I think what they were referring to was getting direct messages from Angels, or spirits, etc……….

That’s when it occurred to me. Do you know how many times I’ve been in the midst of talking with a stranger and something extremely personal and specific, (about them), flew out of my mouth??

My usual rule of thumb, is not using my abilities while out in the general public. I do have an escape clause which states what I will respond to while talking with people: urgent messages, a possible averted emergency, or the perfect moment a spirit is able to communicate without too much fuss.

I’ve delivered hundreds of these pieces of information over the years, to people who had no idea I was a psychic-medium. I’d casually slip a sentence or two into the conversation, wait for the nod from above it was received, and sit back. Not once did someone pause, or ask how I could possibly know anything I just said.  They just accepted it and went on talking. I don’t think any of them went home as I did and relived our exchange wondering what had happened. They seemed to be used to getting messages from here and there and were just waiting for the next, when I showed up.

This really makes me smile. If I’m one person out there, open to delivering important details when appropriate……….how many more could there be? How often are we receiving  information from high above from someone we don’t know while discussing the weather? Anyone, and absolutely everyone, can be an Angel for another. Each one of us can be inspired to say or do something for others, that could mean the world to them. We need to be open to each side of it, to give and receive.

Remember:  Miracles happen everyday, all day!

Love, Renee

Prayer Requests: Tommy, Sam, Charlie, V, Telly & D, Denise, Leah, Elaine, Marty and family, Julie, Carlos, Sandy, Connie, Wenny, Anita and Sarah. If you could please pray that these people are guided to live their best life, feeling peace, love, and connected to our beautiful spiritual world. Know that I pray this for you and all those you hold close. Bless you!


  • Love you…

  • Bless you

  • ❤️ And immediate prayers fir all mentioned and beyond. Thank you for sharing your beautiful insight ❤️

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