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The Difference Between Being Psychic and Being a Medium:


When utilizing my psychic abilities, I look at  your complete energy field and or aura. Within these fields lies your future, past and all of the possibilities in between. Its you, the choices you made, or turned from and the reasons you came to earth in the first place. What I look for is the scene with the highest charge of energy, because I believe that  is the thing that needs my attention. This could include instances from  your past as well as your future. Again, I try to look for the choices that will lead you on the path of your highest good.


This means I am able to talk with people who have passed into another state. I don’t call this state, dead, died, or gone. They have slipped into a different plane that is difficult for most to see, but one that we all hope is there. I consider myself to be the telephone or radio transmitter that can get some very cool stations. I do not let these spirits channel through me, its all done with my brain, outside of me. I am not a channel. I do not take this persons personality inside of me. I talk to them as I talk with you, then translate it to you.

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About My Other Abilities:

Medical Intuitive

I scan your body and find energies that don’t feel “right’ to me. Sickness shows up as a darker energy  with a slow and heavy vibration, almost as if something is blocking the flow of positive energy within you. Whatever I detect I will tell you and send you to the proper place for healing. Usually it’s as easy as letting you know that you need to drink more water, or stop putting something toxic into your system. Your body holds your spirit, and is a finally tooled machine that has very loud energies when not being run correctly.

White Light Healing

This for people experiencing pain or illness. I  pray to God that he will give me his healing white light to help heal you. My hand becomes very hot and I hold it above your body within your energy field. My hand will automatically go to the spots that need this white light.  I can also do this cross country by using my mind. I will ask you to lay down, and at that time I will do a prayer and meditation asking God for the same thing. That beautiful, grace filled light will then be directed to you.

Past Life Readings

Do the people in your life seem familiar to you, like you have known them forever? They have probably been with you in many lives and you have obviously made plans to meet up again. That is how this class room of the Earth works. We come back over and over again to learn from our past so we can evolve our sprits. We usually come back within the same families,  but with different roles. My mom was my baby in many lives and my sister,  in this life,  has been many things to me in all of my past lives. It’s likely that everyone around you is a bit familiar. I will look at your past lives as a part of any reading if it seems beneficial. I like to find the good evidence that you need, then leave. Its a bit like romanticizing a relationship you need to let go of, its in the here and now that you will find your peace.

Recognizing Our Guides

We come to Earth with a certain amount of guides, between five and seven. These are the guides we are born with and who stay with us through eternity. Then there are  guides that come and go as your situation changes…I call these the specialists. Like doctors or mechanics, your spirit calls them for assistance when they are needed. Whatever the circumstances, I can help you to become more aware during a “Guides” reading. A helpful thing you can do is to look at your past with this knowledge, and see if there are situations that are extraordinary where your guides may have helped you. Write them down. Soon you will be able to see all the help you have and ask your guides for their help with this exercise.

How My Abilities Work


The ability of “clear sight” in which I experience messages in the form of pictures, colors, symbols etc. seen through the minds eye. I am frequently shown movies too. Entire scenes of what the spirit wants me to see. This phenomenon is experienced differently within each individual, so I will cover some different ways that this may occur.


Often I am shown a symbol that corresponds to a feeling or event. For example when I am doing readings and they show me balloons, it means talk about a birthday. I am often shown a lady’s white gloves, it means I am talking with a grandma.


Sometimes pictures appear like a snapshot, where I see almost a still photo of a place or an event. This usually comes as a brief flash. The more important aspects of these pictures stand out, they are bolder in appearance, or a strong feeling may accompany the image. The main thing to remember is that clairvoyant ability pertains to anything seen by the third eye.


This is more uncommon than the other psychic senses, probably because it can be one of the hardest to deal with. I hear spirits talk in my mind not outside of myself with my ears. Try and remember a conversation that you have had recently, while doing this your mind hears what was said. With this type of communication, in my experience, it is very energized and a lot less subtle than seeing a symbol or feeling a feeling. Another challenge is that we tend to associate that sense with our physical ears, hence we strain to hear and miss the communication.

Clairaudience is “hearing” messages come through, perceiving this from a point in our brain, not in our physical ear. This communication comes through on energy vibrations, much the same way as physical sound, but the frequency, depending on whom you are communicating with is at a pitch not within the range of the human ear.

I may also hear a tone, or a static sound or like someone talking through a tin can. Sometimes it sounds like the radio is just out of tune and you can’t quite pick up the signal. This is very natural and happens when my psychic center that houses this ability opens up.


This the ability to feel and interpret the feelings of others. This can be used to help aid people with emotional and spiritual blockages and issues, and in some instances can be used for helping to heal physical ailments. Being an empath is richly rewarding. Feeling the feelings, emotions and symptoms of others makes it possible to heal them. I can feel the spirits varying emotions as well.

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