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About Renee Van Tol

I have been a professional Psychic-Medium for over 18 years based in Los Angeles, California. My degree in counseling from UCLA helps me deliver messages to my clients in healing, clear and useful ways. 

My abilities allow me to connect with deceased loved ones, Spirits, Angels, Spirit Guides, and other Beings of Light who exist in alternate dimensions. There are an infinite amount of loving energies patiently waiting to be called upon.  They may have inspired your interest in reaching out to them in the first place.

I can see your Spirit’s intention for choosing this lifetime and will help you remember your purpose. When you are able to feel the light of your true self, Spirit, a peaceful and abundant life becomes accessible in ways you never realized. 

There is so much information in the Spirit realm that helps us in this one. Whether its connecting with a loved one who crossed over, or a psychic reading of your present and future, I’ll find the message meant for just you.  

People have called me for many reasons over the years and each have been met with my sincere and caring ability to help.

We are Spirits created from love and light, having a human being experience. woman-571715__340

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"No human is ever final."