Angel Gabriel – “I am Love”

Note:  I take the dictation as I hear it, called automatic writing. I don’t like correcting or changing anything that is said or how it is worded. It sounds different I know, but just go with it.


Hello! I’m Gabriel. You call me Angel and say I am in charge of many different things. In fact, I am always in charge of you, and everything about you. This is my greatest concern and my deepest love. You. If for a moment you could sense the depth of my love, you would never again question my intention or existence. My love is infinite and never waivers. I am love and you are the focus of it.

If you could please sit with this information for a moment. Then, ask me to become present in your life and reveal my love to you on a daily basis. Eventually, you will notice my help and feel my presence without effort. I will become a natural part of you. This is what all Angels want. We want to be with you, helping you along your way, so life isn’t a struggle. 

We can’t force our way into your consciousness everyday, although there are many times we try. It’s much easier if we are invited, then welcomed with belief and sincerity. We want you to know we are with you. All we care about is loving you and making sure you realize that. When we work together with grace and gratitude, life becomes what you had always hoped for. 

If you don’t believe in us or the Source of all, we are fine with proving it. Just ask.( This reminds me of the time we put a Bible in the middle of a sidewalk Renee was walking on last year.) Hello, we are constantly saying to you. We are here. See us!! We don’t mind proving our existence. We are very clever and have fun showing you this side of us. 

Be to others, what you want most from them.

My Love to you!

Angel Gabriel

Prayer Requests: Julie, Anita, Wenny, Denise, Karla, Paula, Laura, Kari, Radha, Gayle, Cindy, M, Timothy, Michelle & Patty. If you could please pray for clarity of mind and purpose, health and healing, and the knowingness of being loved and cared for. Thank you! Know that I pray this for you and all those you love.  

PS…….Ive been getting lots of emails about my lack of postings. I apologize. I know you like them, and so do I. However, I am gratefully very busy with readings and am having a hard time fitting these in as well. I’ll eventually figure it out. In the mean time, I appreciate your patience and continued support. Each of you mean the world to me. True story!!!!