It’s Easy To Miss The Obvious


What Angel Michael said yesterday continues to resonate with me now. One of the reasons I’ve had a hard time writing, was my focus on negative energy and the choice to let those ideas consume me. I literally forgot that just because I could see the dark in front of me, I didn’t have to pay attention to it. Obvious, simple, and confusing while in the midst of it.

I see love, laughter, joy, kindness and moments of true tenderness that make my heart swell with gratitude……….all of the time. But it was the mystery of what may come of that toxic dark fog that occupied my attention. I felt powerless to  see anything else. I forgot I had a choice, or that there was a possibility of one. It’s frightening to realize how intoxicating negative energy can be. Its conspiracies, rabbit holes, secrets and mysterious intentions. There may be some truth in what is seen but it takes me away from what is truly important in life. This right here. You. God. Love. Life.

I sincerely thank Angel Michael for what he shared. It was what I needed to move forward and wake up. What a blessing and gift.

I have heard the exact same thing from several of you today. It’s like we all got what we needed in different ways. He truly is an Angel. I thank you for your continuous support and sharing. Please do let me know if you’d like to put anyone on the prayer list. We are back to business as usual. Be happy sweet friends, I feel the hope Michael shared with us yesterday. It’s everywhere!

With love, light and hope,



Prayer Requests: Bruce & family, Valdivia & family, Joy, Leah, Martha, Carlos, Jimmy, Peter, N&G, K&L, Celine, Michelle, Angie (Supergirl)…Please pray for Gods will and blessings on these lovely people. Ask for divine inspiration for good health and prosperity. Know that I gratefully thank you for this and pray for the same things for you and your family. God Bless!

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  • The biggest changes after a long period of grief, my precious husband died, my aunts, friends, the acceptance that the grown children in my life did not embrace our values, selfish withered and soulless . I craweled out of the well, I was moved to a state of grace, I sang “Great is Your Mercy” everyday. I woke up better. I was stepping on clouds, renewed. The color Blue was really Blue, The trees were three dimensional. I was not complete but I was fearless.

    Weeks of small gains and people in my wake became like a pack of rabid wolfs. Hurtful, invasive, ignorant, salty questions about my wounds. I knew for the first time that evil existed in people. My resolve to soar up above the secular made me beg Michael to pull me up the ladder above the noise and burn it.
    My Devine intervention is lasting day after day, week after week. I’m at home in my body,
    “The false gods must be jealous of the truly gifted as they seek them out and smite them down”. Author unknown

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