The Council of 9 – Rise of Feminine Energy



Most of this will be dictated. I’ve been avoiding it because it’s going to be hard, and probably long. Here goes……….

Throughout  human “his”-tory there have been many groups, that for lack of a better term were, “governed”, by women. During several periods both, B.C. & A.C., this was quite common and non threatening.

Skipping over boring history lessons, eventually, women became the lesser. At first feared, hated, then subjugated. Just think, it was only one hundred years ago we even got to vote again. From ruling countries with peace, to begging for a say in who ruled us.

The pendulum always swings back. (That isn’t stated in a vengeful way, it’a more a matter of fact.)

It was probably over two years ago that I was told that feminine energy would rise and balance the world again. I saw small glimpses of it, but when The Donald won the presidency I thought someone up top had things wrong or I had seriously misinterpreted what I was told. Now, however, it makes sense to me. I knew our country and government needed extreme change, and he is the perfect catalyst. You need an outsider, rogue enough to incite others to take back their power. Maybe we have to get mad, fed up, embarrassed and scared, to really get into action. I think it’s working. 

His presence has done something else. It’s given female energy something to rise up against. His views on women resonated all the way into the male dominated power structure of Hollywood. Believe me, I’m from there, and was in that world for longer than I’d like to admit. To watch it change, one abuser at a time is fascinating, since I truly thought it impossible. For me there was no one to go to for complaint. It’s play the game or get out. So when you see these women & men making accusations against “well-respected” members of the Academy, TV journalists and politicians: know this, it was really hard for them! They somehow made it through a previously unbreakable wall, hundreds of feet thick with complicity.

I hope this same thing is happening in the smaller communities of the world. In those companies with people we don’t often hear about. 

I’m happy to see it again, the rise of the feminine breaking through. Every human carries both male and female energy. If you question that, talk to your DR about hormones. On a spiritual & personality level, we are all warriors and life givers, killers and caretakers, teachers and students. Each label both male and female. The trick? The balance. And that my friends is where we are headed.

For you, nurture yourself as if you are cherished. Because you are.  Give power to your hidden talents that you’re shy about revealing. The intention is for each of us to be in balance with ourselves, our beautiful mother Earth and those who surround us. We are all connected. We are loved. Let us love one another.

Love to you all,


Prayer Requests: Marly, V, Tommy, Sam, Charlie, Peter, Karla, Joe, David & family, Sarah, Carlos, Peyton, Colin, Elaine, Esther, Leah, Candy, Steve & family, Ben, ZN, Emma, Sheri, Anita, Sarah, Sandy, Wenny

When thinking of these names, could you please pray for their hearts to find peace and be open to love, life and laughter? Ask that they see the goodness in the world and know they too are apart of it. Pray they feel the love and joy felt by God now and the day they were created. Please know I pray this for you, all those you hold close, and my family. Thank you! God bless!


  • What an inspiring message, my friend. Love you.

  • Winderfully insightful and energizing thoughts. Thank you.

    Please pray for me to find peace, balance and harmony with my life in these latter years, especially within my broken family.

    Blessings, Bonnie Swanson

  • Bonnie, I do pray for you to find peace and balance at this very moment. Maybe the thing to do with your family is realize that you don’t have the power to change them. You do however have the power to alter the way you deal with it. Instead of looking outward and seeing the difficulties that exist there, look inward, find your spirit and seek that connection.

    Miracles happen everyday. All day!! Maybe your miracle is letting go of what you can’t control and being happy within yourself. I truly wish that for you!

    Love, Renee

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