Automatic Writing

Angel Gabriel – “I am Love”

Note:  I take the dictation as I hear it, called automatic writing. I don’t like correcting or changing anything that is said or how it is worded. It sounds different I know, but just go with it. Hello! I’m Gabriel. You call me Angel and say I am in charge of many different things. In […]

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I Am Home!

It took a lot longer than we imagined but we are here in Minnesota.  After selling our house we spent a few weeks driving towards MN in a way that we could see the sights. Sedona, I felt a strange electric charge go through my body there and also had a hard time thinking clearly. […]

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Angel Ezekiel – Your Mission

Day 25 Angel Ezekiel Your Mission Angel Ezekiel- First, may I say, the relief I feel speaking with you on these pages is a miracle.  This is a place of both intimacy and wide spaces, reaching all we need to. Hello to you! Thank you for allowing me this communication. I am grateful the nudges […]

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