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It Occurred To Me

I have gotten a lot of feedback from my post yesterday. Thank you everyone for reading it, and spending the time to comment as well. One person wished they could experience living my life. I think what they were referring to was getting direct messages from Angels, or spirits, etc………. That’s when it occurred to […]

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The Time I Met Two Angels In Santa Monica

***While reading the following, you must realize, I didn’t know how exceptional the event was while it took place. I knew it was special and, “odd”, but it took days of reliving it, (and I couldn’t stop thinking of it), before I completely understood what happened.  It’s been 15 years and I still remember every […]

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Angel Michael – Infinite and Extraordinary

    Hello everyone! I am pleased to have your attention today. I sense a warm welcoming from you. Thank you, I feel honored by your graciousness. It’s difficult to put into any language, the concepts I want to share. Where I reside, (say realm or plane, area of existence), there is no judgement, nor […]

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Means Girls Forever

This may be a lighter topic than usual, but between my daughter in 3rd grade and one of my all time favorite clients “J”, in her late 80’s who is still dealing with it………I had to write about the mean girl phenomena. I know mean girls well. I learned about them in kindergarten and continued […]

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Las Vegas Shooting – All Is Not Lost

      The news I woke up to this morning broke my heart. I’ve been tearful all day, praying for those who lost their lives and the loved ones they left behind. I pray for the injured and their healing. I pray for peace to return to our world. I pray. Violence begets violence […]

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Angel Gabriel – “I am Love”

Note:  I take the dictation as I hear it, called automatic writing. I don’t like correcting or changing anything that is said or how it is worded. It sounds different I know, but just go with it. Hello! I’m Gabriel. You call me Angel and say I am in charge of many different things. In […]

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Angel Michael

Hello dear friends! I find myself very excited to speak with you again. I thank you for this opportunity and Renee for helping me engage with you.  What’s effecting most of you is the volatile energy that exists on your beautiful planet. I understand why it’s there and see that although it can be harmful, […]

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Light Healers and Seekers

    Angel Michael: Hello friends. My typist is tiered tonight so I will be brief. I want to reach out again to remind you of my awareness of the human nature at this time. When I speak of my abilities and awareness, I am referring to those who created me and were created from […]

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An Angel’s Feather

I volunteer at my daughters school once a week and get the pleasure of helping out an awesome little guy I’ll call Ben.  I could fill these pages about his home life and everything the school has done to help.  I could do more pages about his beautiful heart, sincerity, kindness, and caring for others.  […]

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Don’t Call the Calvary

  THE BOOK IS GETTING SO GOOD, I THINK A NEW CHARACTER IS ABOUT TO BE INTRODUCED, DONT PUT IT DOWN JUST YET   Thanks to kind friends, (who casually called at an increased rate over the last 24 hours), I realized my last post was unclear. I talked of my focus on dark negative energy, […]

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