Angel Michael


Hello dear friends! I find myself very excited to speak with you again. I thank you for this opportunity and Renee for helping me engage with you. 

What’s effecting most of you is the volatile energy that exists on your beautiful planet. I understand why it’s there and see that although it can be harmful, much will be learned from it. Yet, my knowledge and sight of the future does not help as you feel its destructiveness. So let me give you tools to understand.

I have tried to explain the nature of Duality before, and this is the perfect time for it to become easier to comprehend. I think it’s possible to also refer to duality as balance. Light & Dark, Love & Hate, Violence & Peace…..and on it goes. You can not know one without the other, nor understand its spiritual teachings unless experiencing each side of it completely. 

Right now you are living in extreme duality. Surrounded by wars, inhumane acts of violence on a daily basis, and a major uprising of the flaws of humanity.  This type of energy is loud, aggressive and hateful. Very hard to ignore and harder still to deflect the feelings of it. 

I ask that you remain aware of what you truly feel, who you are, and what you want to create in your life. Stand strong in your personal energy and gather with the like-minded. On a daily basis you will have to tend the boundaries set for yourself, making sure they are strong, keeping you safe.

How to:  Before rising in the morning, picture yourself in a brilliant white bubble made by God. Know that this bubble is incapable of breaking or tearing, able to keep you clear and safe from any other energy that is not yours.

You are Light Workers. There are more on Earth today than ever before. You are the love of duality, balancing the world with your healing light. You are sensitive empathetic beings that can be distracted by such harsh realities . And that’s ok, you don’t have to try to set your light free, it works whether you pay attention or not. But as the balance seeks your energy, you’ll find yourself looking for ways to do more. Be more. You’ll have the need to shine your light as far and strongly as it can go.

So look at this world as neither good or bad, it is what it is.  You all know that severe change was needed long before today and that’s exactly whats happening. You are in the midst of human kinds greatest leap. It couldn’t be done without you, so take care of yourselves. Seek out love, kindness and peace. 

I watch and love you always,

Angel Michael






  • Thank you for sharing this Renee! ❤ I have been thinking of you a lot 😘

  • Thanks for your lovely support Denise! Means everything!

  • Yay!!!! Renee (and Michael) are back!!!!! I’ve missed you!

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