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I was really wrong about Hillary becoming President. I remember when the campaign began, and people started asking me who would win. Every time, (up to late in the night of Election Day), I saw her face and heard her name. I don’t know how I could have been so off, but as they say, the futures outcome is never guaranteed.

I could spend time discussing what’s wrong with our government and the election process, but that’s not helpful. So, instead I’ll hand this over to a much more enlightened being, Angel Michael.

Angel Michael:

It is a pleasure to speak with you all again. Let me welcome the new visitors here, and many thanks for finding your way to these words.  What you learn here can be passed to others.  That hope and possibility is what matters most to us in this dimension.

Whatever is happening on Earth, “we”, are always well and happy. In the state of this fortunate Grace, we can continue to help and support you. We understand your feelings of despair and pain that come from the events in your communities, but we also see the light within that moves you forward.

Each of you are true beings of this light & energy. Remember that!  It’s impossible for you not to feel what surrounds your world.  You are made of this. This is your spiritual blood, food and body.

Earth has been experiencing a massive energetic shift over the last two years. Each day it gathers momentum, creating greater changes. This is very helpful for people who like change, but is bothersome for those who don’t.  Whatever your feelings about it, you are being greatly effected. I’d like to tell you to let go of hard-wired thoughts and ways of being, right now. Go with the shift, it will bring you to places you couldn’t dream of. See it as the universe, God and Angels, assisting you on your path forward. 

America’s newly elected President is a great indicator of the shifts on Earth. His victory is an enormous change from the old establishment. He may not be liked or found proper for his position, but he is a signal for you to notice what is happening around you.

Don’t lose your focus on the trivial. Find out what really matters.  

You may not remember the excitement you felt about coming here, but believe me, each of you felt privileged and elated that you were able to. So here you are, in the midst of one of Earths greatest reinventions, ready and qualified to help. You planned on being here now, eager to assist the re-awakening and enlightenment that your Mother Earth so greatly needs and desires. Wake up I always say. Remember your mission. Remember the light inside you that guides your way. 



Prayer Requests: Karla, Shelly, Candy, Noel, Larry, Cathy, Gayle, Bonnie, Paula, Charlie, Sam, Denise, Tommy & our lovely planet. 

If you could spend a moment envisioning light and love coming to those named I would greatly appreciate it. Know that I pray this for all of you and those you hold close.

 Also imagine our world soothed with calm and love.  It’s the most powerful vote we have! Thank you!




  • Renee you weren’t wrong. Hillary won the popular vote. She is who the majority of Americans wanted for their president
    The electoral college vote is on December 19th, let’s hope and pray that some may decide to vote for the good of the country and what the majority of Americans wanted.

  • Oh man, I hope he’s right. This has been so shocking, so, so shocking.
    Miss you.

  • Beautiful words. Thank you. Bonnie

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