Angel Michael – Infinite and Extraordinary




Hello everyone!

I am pleased to have your attention today. I sense a warm welcoming from you. Thank you, I feel honored by your graciousness.

It’s difficult to put into any language, the concepts I want to share. Where I reside, (say realm or plane, area of existence), there is no judgement, nor thoughts carrying that idea. Yet all of your words have either blatant or faint expressions of good or bad behind them. I use what comes closest, but nothing conveys it as wished.

We in this form communicate with thought, exchanging vast amounts of knowledge & understanding quickly. Renee refers to this as large downloads of information which turns into knowing. She is quite accustomed to this way of “speaking”, therefore, also struggles with the translation of our truest meaning.

***It’s comprehending something infinite and extraordinary and not having a word that could describe the smallest part of it.  It’s as if I’m trying to fit the ocean into a thimble.

I address this today hoping you can sense the larger meaning beyond words on a page. The more of you and everything around you. What you see here can spark a curiosity to seek the source of yourself that lies beyond the concrete world. Where you are spirit, free, knowledgable and aware.

Some of you love your humanity and humanness. This is a very good thing. Do love your human adventure. Relish it, and cherish each experience with brain and body. Yet, don’t get so focused on this that your spirit is an after thought, rarely explored for the wisdom so accessible. 

For sincere happiness and peace, one should try to align both their humanity and spirit in equal parts. With this synchronicity one can comprehend the ocean in the thimble without needing the words to explain. You shall know the infinite and extraordinary for that is what you are. So very beautiful.



You can be an Angel everyday in your world. When confronted with a person or situation that could either use your help or be ignored, choose to engage with love and understanding. You’ll witness miracles.

Angel Michael

Prayer Requests:
Sandy & Family, Larry and Kathy, Geno and Noel, Tommy, Sam, Charlie, Telly, Dave, Connie, Nanc, Michele, Marly, Luke, Darcy, Anita, Sarah, Julie, Gayle, Diane, Mercine, Joanne, Logan & our beautiful world. Please think of these names for a minute as you pray for good health in body, soul and mind. Pray these people feel joy in their lives and know true peace. Know that I pray this for you and all those you hold dear. Love, Renee

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  • Love you mama. Glad to hear from you-ish!

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