Day 20 – Your Beautiful Body


Day 20 

Your Beautiful Body 


Angel Ezekiel – 


Many are taught to dislike how they look and wish they were “better”. These negative thoughts and emotions can harm the beautiful creation that’s you. Carefully look at these feelings and what triggered them in the first place. Finally, release it all, because everything about you is perfect.  

Imagine you are filled with white glowing light that flows through every part of you. This is your natural state without negative thoughts that can block the process of self-healing.

The more loving you can be to yourself and the world in general, the healthier you will become. Take care of the beautiful being you truly are! 

With light, love & gratitude to my light family,


Prayer Request: Anne, Kailynn, Beckie, Anita, Sandy, Beth, Julie, Gayle, John, Gene & Larry

Can you please pray they receive good health and a life of abundance? Thank you so much! shutterstock_350920376

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  • This is such an important topic. We need to be reminded of this constantly as we are
    surrounded by images that tell us we must look a certain way to be”perfect” Especially
    young women, thank you for addressing this issue. Noel

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