Day 18 – Abundance


Day 18


Abundance is your birth right. God wants this for you. You were made to enjoy every bit of the world and all it has to offer. 

Many feel guilty for wanting financial freedom, believing they don’t deserve to thrive. It is your feelings about money that creates it or not. You have to believe you are allowed more than “just enough”. 

Start by finding the emotions relating to money and examine how they came to be. Be as honest as possible with yourself. The more clarity you have the more success you will find in the process. Once you’ve found what’s got you tied up, take responsibility for it. Why do you allow this in your life?  What keeps you holding on to feeling undeserving? You can then let go of the negative. It may be a process, but you’ll be on the road to a life of overflowing enjoyment.

Thank you all for your warm wishes of health!

With light and love,


Prayer Requests: Bell, Julie, Anita, Sandy, Beth, Sarah, Telly, Sophie, Gayle, Noel, Angie & Michelle (Girl Power)

Please pray they live a life of abundance in all ways. I pray that for you and those you love. Thank you!

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